The Girl on fire

I think I finally realized why Katniss never liked being the Girl on fire. I mean, what happens when people no longer see your flames. It was like the flames no longer fit. Katniss realized that she didn’t have to be the girl on fire anymore. She could be someone much more important….herself. And that’s what it comes down to. Never chase anyone, never change for anyone…It’s you who is important, dear reader. I made a choice, to take the persona of my role model “Katniss Everdeen – The Girl on Fire” in the hope that the guy that I liked would see me. But flames can only last for so long. However, flames are amazing things, they can change…..color, shape, size. Flames can die but they can be persistent as hell. And that’s what happened, dear reader. I may have feelings for him still but know that without him, being myself, I can be just as happy.




I just love these….Doctor with a twist of Disney..that explains of couple of things