Time of the Doctor

Time of the Doctor

After watching the Time of the Doctor, I think I needed extensive therapy and several boxes of Kleenex. Some of my favorite things from the episode:

1. Clara Oswald. “No, no. Please don’t change.” I was pretty much Clara Oswald the whole entire episode. When the Doctor promised that he would never leave her again and then left her, I think we were all screaming (I was also sobbing) “Rule one: The Doctor lies”. Even though he left her, she came back to him….she saved him. We all can learn a lesson from her.

2. Amelia Pond. The First face he saw was the last face he ever saw. When I saw her walk down the stairs….excuse me, Uncontrollably sobbing. And the words “Raggedy man, Good night” were THEE perfect ending. Like the end of a bedtime story.

3. Matt Smith’s last scenes. Can we NOT mention the bow tie falling to the ground. *More Uncontrollable sobbing* And that speech. “I will always remember when the Doctor was me” – so will we Matt Smith, so will we!

4. Peter Capaldi – In one sentence: How do you fly this thing? DYING…..and Clara’s face. “NOT MY DOCTOR! NOT MY DOCTOR!”

Synopsis: I used enough Kleenex to make myself a quilt. Perfect for when Sherlock premieres again on PBS! Otherwise a great episode, the perfect ending for our Raggedy man. One more question: AUGUST, CAN YOU HURRY UP???!!!!


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