A long while

Life gets busy and things get in the way. So sorry I haven’t updated my blog yet. Exciting things have happened and family commitments pile up. Still working at the museum but have been working on a research project for the past five months, researching the involvement of Barnes County, North Dakota women in World War II. But the project has extended past that to include several other counties in North Dakota. I’ve also extended my project to include World War I women and Korean War women. Unfortunately the legion and post have no information on war women at all, so it is up to me to scour old editions of our local paper. 150 + total women so far………In military service, in factories, working government jobs, nursing, and unusual homefront jobs.

I might put some of my findings here. Of the people I’ve been able to meet, in most cases their children and how it astonishes them that someone would be so interested in their mothers military service.

I do it to honor them. To give them the recognition they deserve. Because for so long they were denied that privilege. To let their stories be told and be known….to inspire future generations, just as they inspire me.