How the Mad Men of Madison Avenue Got Rosie the Riveter to Man Up

Envisioning The American Dream

WWII Vintage illustration Women work on RR 44 Advertisers sang Rosies praise, proudly applauding the “resourcefulness and ingenuity of American Women.”

Once upon a time, women workers were not only highly sought after they were lavished with praise in the media.

During WWII when Uncle Sam came calling, American women didn’t just “lean in,” they manned up!

Uncle Sam had enlisted the real Mad Men of Madison Avenue to conduct a massive campaign to recruit women into the work force.

The advertising campaign – as fierce as any battle on the front lines-was set in motion immediately after Pearl Harbor to not only mobilize women on the home front and get them into the work force  but to help shape cultural attitudes.

Operation: Rosie the Riveter

Vintage ads collage illustrations 1940 woman doing laundry and woman war worker Homemaker to Parachute Maker (R) Vintage ad Wheat Sparkies Cereal 1942 “Eat Breakfast the Victory Way like thousands of new production champions, like Mary Purdue valued worker at one of our largest…

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