The Mystery Wife

The People of Pancho

I begin with a mystery: Who is this woman?

I can tell you who she is not. She is not my grandmother. The baby-faced guy on the left is my grandfather, my own dear Papa Bob, Robert Lessiack. The pretty lady wearing a wedding band and pointing to a wedding band on Papa Bob’s hand? No clue.


I found this photo among my great-grandfather Leo Lessiack’s things. He and my great-grandmother Margaret would have been waiting and worrying back in Bogota, NJ while Bob, their only child, was off braving WWII in the Pacific. This photo looks designed to say, “Hey, Mom and Dad, she’s great, you’ll love her!” Bob doesn’t look like he’s in any danger here, thank goodness. He just looks, well, married. And no one in the family–who is still alive–knows who the mystery wife is.

Here’s another shot of Papa Bob and the mystery wife. Because of the…

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