It is officially Autumn and now it’s socially acceptable to drink pumpkin spice lattes, wear uggs and comfy sweaters. It’s also the perfect time to go outside and take some pictures. Today was certainly a beautiful day to do so. A strangely beautiful fog blanketed the town this morning making for a great photo op. In the afternoon the sun came out and it was gorgeous, felt just like summer.



“Into Darkness”

Just a couple days ago, BBC released an official full length launch trailer for Season 8 of Doctor Who.

Let’s take a “Deep Breath” and journey “Into Darkness” with the Doctor and his endearing companion, Clara Oswald –  

On August 23rd…………“Life returns

p.s. First official still from the new season featuring Clara and the Doctor

Clara 1        

As bright as a flame


Remember the pictures you put in a shoe box that you shove in the back of your closet. There comes a time when you come upon that box, take it down from its shelf, and explore its contents. Just like photographs in a box, we place memories in the back of our minds. Then one day we come upon them. This weekend, confused, I went for a walk. The sky was gray, the wind blustery, and the air cold. But then suddenly I thought of someone I hadn’t thought of in quite some time. That’s when the setting sun broke through the sky, the color of orange flame. 

Maybe the fire dies and maybe life goes on. But maybe, just maybe…the fire still burns, deep, deep down in our hearts. In the places where it needs the light most.


The Girl on Fire


I can’t stop listening to Coldplay’s newest song – an addition to the upcoming Catching Fire soundtrack! Absolute perfection!!!!

“Some saw the sun
Some saw the smoke
Some heard the gun
Some bent the bow”

The impossible Girl

The impossible Girl

I’m still amazed by the series finale of Doctor Who. The mystery of Clara is solved (No spoilers, I promise). May be one of my favorite episodes. Have to admit I like Clara as a companion much more now!!

10 ways to be Happier According to Doctor Who

10 ways to be Happier According to Doctor Who

This is such an amazing article people. For those who haven’t watched Doctor Who, I suggest you do. It’s not all Sci-fi/fantasy. Doctor Who teaches the most important lessons. You only have to watch one episode and you might just realize why the Doctor is so important. So this is for the dreamers, the people who look to the stars……It isn’t “Someday my prince will come”…It’s “Someday the Tardis will come”. We, ordinary as we like to think, are extraordinary…in all of us the power to create and destroy…In the end all stories…So let’s make it a good one, eh!!


Dear reader,

Have you ever given your heart to someone and they turned out to be a jerk. Then the heartbreak starts slowly at first. You’re confused by the emotional roller coaster one minute shocked the next angry moving on to relief and finally you seem to stop on sadness. It’s the worst feeling. An ache that isn’t physical but it hurts none the less, like a bruised apple. On the outside perfect but on the inside scarred. Well I’ve come to the conclusion to be a rock. Being a rock doesn’t mean that you are unfeeling. It just means that if people throw rocks at you they may leave scratches but in the end they only roll off. Being a rock for someone is amazing….. a rock to which they can anchor. Plus rocks hold surprises. Inside some they are colorful and bright


So don’t let love make you bitter because you can just be better!! 🙂

The Girl on fire

I think I finally realized why Katniss never liked being the Girl on fire. I mean, what happens when people no longer see your flames. It was like the flames no longer fit. Katniss realized that she didn’t have to be the girl on fire anymore. She could be someone much more important….herself. And that’s what it comes down to. Never chase anyone, never change for anyone…It’s you who is important, dear reader. I made a choice, to take the persona of my role model “Katniss Everdeen – The Girl on Fire” in the hope that the guy that I liked would see me. But flames can only last for so long. However, flames are amazing things, they can change…..color, shape, size. Flames can die but they can be persistent as hell. And that’s what happened, dear reader. I may have feelings for him still but know that without him, being myself, I can be just as happy.